quinta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2008

The artist by the artist

I have never thought that one day I would find so much pleasure in painting. I only regret it took me so long to find out this ability. Maybe that is why I spend so many hours painting, as if trying to recover the time lost. On the other hand, the access to the internet allows me to study art history, do research on techniques and styles, visit art galleries and museums. In short, it helps me taking the courses I didn’t have the opportunity to take before.

As anyone who starts discovering her true self, I have been through many phases in my painting, tried several techniques and themes in this search, always trying to find my own style, looking for that special paint brush that would make me feel comfortable and also being careful not to allow myself getting so influenced to a point of copying the artists I admire.Nowadays, with the series “Trips” I think I have found the theme and the style that fulfill me. The theme is fascinating and endless.
As for the style, that is the only thing that bothered me at first as I wanted to paint huge, decorative, with thrilling textures paintings. It is interesting how they simply don’t turn out this way! I start, very bravely, with a big brush, lots of paint and as time goes on I start to smooth out, smooth out, insert details, establish the contours, highlight the light-dark and the painting starts showing back my “realistic” style. Maybe that is why I have enjoyed so much making graffiti portraits. My liking for precision.Another dilemma was the size of the paintings. This series is 20x30cm. The smaller the painting, the more difficult it is to paint. Consequently, it takes me too long to finish them. Besides that, people tend to value a painting according to its size. Conclusion: my production has felt by half but I have never felt more fulfilled.The anxiety to finish a painting and starting another one and the endless search for technique improvement continue. I will need a few more lives to paint everything I would like to. Many times when I look at a painting I have done some time ago, I see some detail that could be improved and I start to fix it, but I end up painting the whole thing again. This results in more time consumption, new pictures, notes updating etc. But it doesn’t matter. This is part of my artistic growth.In the future I hope to be able to publicize my work by multiplicity, serighaphy or giclês. Maybe that is the solution!

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