quinta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2008

Ping Pong with the artist

COLOUR- all blues, lilac, violet, bright greens
MOVIE- I prefer to watch them at home. Love some light cable series, Two and a Half Man, Friends, Lost, Sex and The City, Eli Stone, all CSIs, Medical Detectives, Ophrah, House.
SOAP OPERA- Don’t watch them anymore. They are too predictable nowadays.
GALLERY – National Portrait Gallery and The National Gallery in London.
LIKES– to visit the markets in all towns that I travel to and ship cruises
DISLIKES – ungrateful people, cell phones and exercising.
GURU – My brother Sergio and Jack White.
BOOK-I am reading "Beyond the Rising Sun" from Carlos von Schmidt and have ordered " The Gift of Fear"
MANIA – to take pictures and to bring water to the bedroom at night
CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT –my reading glasses, tweezers and scissors. I have lots of them spread all around the house
MY PRIDE – my three “children”MY GRATITUDE – to Rosemberg for having encouraged me to paint.
UNFORGETTABLE PERSON- my mother, whom I miss a lot, always.
UNFORGETTABLE- MOMENT– snorkeling, watching the live Carnival in Rio, going back home after days in hospital
MUSIC- “I Love You Just the Way You Are”
PASTIME – to travel through the images of Google earth, FreeCell, Sudoku
DISH – I keep changing. Nowadays: vatapá and acarajé (typical food from Bahia)
DRINK – coconut caipirinha with my feet on the strandDREAM – to have grandchildren, to snorkel in San Andres, travel to Costa Malfitana, Greece Turkey, Bora Bora, Mexico, Las Vegas, Jerez de la Frontera and all the Pueblos Blancos. I hope I have enough time for all that
NIGHTMARE – overweight and aging, of course.VISUAL ARTIST- Sonia Menna BarretoFAVORITE SINGER- Fafá de Belém and Barbara Mendes
GOOD LOOKING – Richard Gere
ACTRESS - Fernanda MontenegroCITY- Londres and Ilha Bela. Each for 15 days as often as possible. I like where I live too.
SWEETHEART – My female dog Meggy Maria, my camera and laptop
SHOPPING- I am perfectly happy going to a supermarket
THE GOOD SIDE OF LIFE – old friendsTHE TOUGH SIDE OF LIFE – to make the right choices

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