quinta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2010

Christmas At Home - 2010

Everything is almost ready for Christmas Eve, gifts packed and good food being prepared. It is going to be a really happy evening , I am sure. I have already  been given my best gift ever, Isabella, my first grandchild. 

 Wish all of you the same positive feelings I am enjoying today. This is my 2010 Christmas Tree. I used my old tins collection.

Guests Toilet. Under the sink there is a mermaid lamp I bought in Tiradentes. Her tale is made out of metal caps from bottles and her head and shoulders are carved in wood.
 More string lights I like so much.
Merry Christmas to you all!!

More Gift Packing Ideas

Vi no Design Sponge, muito simples, só furar os círculos de papel e passar barbantes ou fitinhas, tudo coisa que a gente tem em casa. Pena que não vi isto antes.

Alguns broches ou partes de brincos ou qualquer enfeite e....
o presente se transforma.


Estes são mais simples ainda, com micangas e botões.
Valorizam o presente.

 Linda sugestão para presentear jóias.
 Outra bem original da Living Etc, em sacos plásticos transparentes.

terça-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2010

Kitchen -Creative Ideas

Gostei dos galhinhos ao invés de palitos
 Inspired By This

 Simples e bonitinho.
Pimentas no escorredor de legumes. Genial.
Buderim. Legal usar o bambu para pendurar panelas.

Schiphol Airport, o aeroporto de Amsterdã

 KLM people at Schiphol Airport did their best to turn my return flight to Brazil into a real hell.Those huge  women attendants have no idea how to treat their customers and they are pretty deaf, to say the least.  
 If I didn't have better things to think of these days I would tell you all that I have been through. I wrote KLM a letter and hope to hear from them soon. Let's see.
 Against my will I have been sent to Paris during a snow storm and had to sleep on the floor, on a piece of cartoon nicely given to me by other passengers in the same situation. Besides that, it took 5 days until my luggage was found. I used to appreciate KLM a lot but its people are tottaly unprepared to deal with surprises and human beings. No wonder Europe's economy is doing so bad. They think they don't need the customers.
It took me almost 50 hours to arrive home in Brazil and it had nothing to do with the bad weather.They have done one mistake after the other simply because they don't listen.
 Apart from that, the airport is fun, lots of nice things to see, very charming, including a Museum. You wish to buy all the tulip bulbs they display.

To my surprise  there were a few smoking rooms inside the airport. Althoug they were very depressing and full it came in very handy in such a stressful situation.
A month later: I am feeling obliged to say that, after many e-mails KLM refunded me for all the inconviniences. I had a nice travel insurance though, they had to. Anyway, they corrected their mistake. 

quarta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2010

Gift Wrapping With Fabric

Vocês se lembram do Furoshiki? Eu mostrei AQUI NO BLOG antes algumas ideias diferentes.  Aqui também tem um Passo a Passo   
Veja vários vídeos explicativos no utube.
Tecidos são muito versáteis, recicláveis e bonitos.
Quem não gostaria de receber um presente nestas sacolinhas?
Jenn Playford, author of Wrapagami, Victoria, British Columbia, na .Country Living

Aqui também tem alguns vídeos. Lavish and Lime


Aqui também tem diversos links a respeito. Squidoo

segunda-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2010

Table Decoration

Eu já havia mostrado esta ideia mas agora saiu no site do Desigh Mania tão bem explicadinho que vale a pena lembrar agora para as festas de fim de ano.