segunda-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2011

Great Home - Part II

I had already shown  HERE the first part of my friend's home. This is her backyard with the pool and  barbecue place. The metal structure will be covered with grapewine and thunbergia mysorensis in the future.
Aqui esta a parte dos fundos da casa da minha amiga, eu já tinha mostrado antes HERE. O carramanchao já tem parreira e sapatinho de judia plantados. Vai ficar muito lindo.
This is the toillet that attends the pool.
O banheiro da piscina.
The gourmet kitchen is in the back wall of this big living. Between two wide doors hang two of my paintings. A cozinha gourmet fica no fundo deste salão. Entre as duas portas tem dois quadros meus.
I am very proud to be part of such nice decor. Fiquei super orgulhosa por fazer parte deste ambiente tão lindo.
Two wooden peacock that were bought in Tiradentes. O par de pavoes de madeira compramos na viagem pra Tiradentes que eu mostrei no link acima.
Such a cozy place to have lunch! Olhem que lugar mais aconchegante pra almoçar!

Built-in washbasin in the lavatory in an old chestdrawer. Antique silver toiletries. Very charming. A pia do lavabo e embutida numa comoda antiga. Em cima dela, artigos de toucador antigos compõem o ambiente com muito charme.
Sala de jantar.
Qualquer dia destes eu mostro os quartos. Tem um closet de fazer inveja pra Hebe Camargo hehehe. The picture bellow is the husband's working space. Anyway, he has inheritaged those pieces and has given them a very honorable display space.
To summ up, this is until now, one of the most pleasant houses I have ever seen. I am a suspicious person to judge it but I am sure you will all agree that it is , as I mentioned in the tittle, a great home. But the thing that makes it really the most beautiful home is the way that the owners make me feel when I am there, they make me feel loved and important. As we have been friends for 50 years, I am always sooo happy to see them and as a bonus, I still can eat old lebanese specialties and have the great turkish coffee and mainly have them all for myself listening to my not so exciting stories. 
All I have is one brother left in the family so this couple is very important to my psychological balance.They have no idea but they have become my family. Their two girls have become my girls. Their situations have become my own  problems and..... I will be there to celebrate all their familie's conquers. Love you Tete, Ricardo, Ju  e Gabi.

PS-My English is not good and fair enough to correspond to what I owe you.

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