quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2011

Embroideries by Therezinha Mariano Pinheiro

Today I saw this amazig exhibition. Therezinha is a real artist with threads and needles.
 She was born in 1943 and has started embroidering when she was a little girl. When she did something bad her mother used to hand her a big piece of fabric and threads. 
 As a little girl living in a far away farm she dreamed of flying away from that nest. That is why she created these imaginary birds.
 Her work is rich in images of the nature that surrounded her childhood.
 It took her six months to produce the 25 pieces displayed.
 They are all extremely delicate and very rich in details.
 Her work can be seen at Espaco da Artes Helena Calil in Sao Jose dos campos until March 26th. Phone 55 12 3921-7206
 Most of them look like a painting, don`t they ?
 Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. It is worth maximizing the images to see all the details.

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