Virginia Costa

quinta-feira, 5 de maio de 2011

Mother's Day

My mother passed away a few years ago. I still miss calling her to tell her about stuff that happened to me. I guess this will never fade away. So, if she were here today I am sure it would be very easy to give her a gift.
 She was so easy to please! She would love anything. If she came for lunch I would think about a nice and unique centerpiece because she used to be so creative what table setting is concerned. I think these ideas from Better Homes & Gardens would do her justice. The gift ideas above too. The paper mache bird and the cute place to gather articles one wants to read.
 She would love these romantic ideas  from Henhouse Emporium.

 How about this homemade bread in this nice package? And some favorite sweets in a decorated jar with her picture?
 Here, nice table setting, I would have to make a great effort to surprise her cause she was very good at it.
 She would say it looked gorgeous anyway, whatever I did.
 She would love these scented little bags and also these cute fabric covered matchboxes.
 Nestes "balaiozinhos" a gente faz um furinho pra passar o cabo da rosa. Dentro vai um recipiente com agua. O caixotinho com folhagem e um enfeite de jardim acaba sendo um presente tres em um.
Então, mãe, se tem net ai no céu, espero que você receba meu amor e minha saudade através desta postagem. Seus netos estão bem e sua bisneta é a coisa mais linda deste mundo.

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