terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

Bird Watching

Whenever we are at the beach house we feed the birds, mostly with bananas and papaya. No need to say they love it.
We enjoy so much going there that we go even if it is raining. There is always something to be done at the house. During these rainy days, while my boyfriend cooks (which he does well and often) , all the neighbours from the small gated community enjoy birdwatching.
It is amazing how relaxing and entertaining that can be. Now we've started to be curious about their species.They keep coming in a greater variety. We just have to know more about them! I searched in the internet and found a few names, hopefully not mistaken. There are many other beautiful ones that I was not fast enough to take a picture.
There are many clubs especialized in this hobby such as Clube de Observadores de Aves da Mata Atlantica. By the way, you can download  here a guide for free Guia de aves Mata Atlantica Paulista
Could this one be a Gaturamo-verdadeiro ( Euphonia violacea – Violaceous Euphonia)?
I am crazy for these blue ones but I don't know if they are the same species. They are almost the same.
In this case I am sure about their names.
These are well known, too. The best part of bird watching is to learn their habits. Some birds are not afraid of people, some come and go so fast! Now I understand you have to be a professional to take a good picture ( not my case).
Talking about habits...the furnarius rufus deserve a special chapter. 
I guess I found a new hobby. The birds and I are still getting acquainted. I think it is going to be a very long lasting relationship.
Next step is to build them a bird bath.
And to improve their comfort even more with a fancy birdfeeder.
 I really hope you have enjoyed this post. Any corrections or suggestions are welcome.
All pictures taken by me!

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Banda G TOM disse...

Muito interessante, como sempre. As cores são espetaculares. Parabéns minha linda. Bjo.Fernando