quarta-feira, 8 de maio de 2013

Headscarves - Lenços de Cabeça

This blog is my adult journal. I save here things that I like or  might need someday. 
 I’ve been cleaning up my closet and found my headscarves. I’ve always liked them, not that I have ever worn them, never had the courage to.
 Being this clumsy human being that I am, it would be dangerous, I could get myself hanged with it.
 Years after my sister’s death, I guess I've made up with them. Time heals almost all bad memories.
 Wish I had the courage, though, I have so many of them. I wonder if one really has to have a beautiful face or be younger to look good in them. Jennifer Lopes is an unfair example. She would look great in anything.

 I guess the first thing is to feel really confident about yourself and have a unique, special style. Not my case. 
 Maybe when I grow up rsrsrs. Just in case, I’ll save the “how tos” here.

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echarpes e lenços disse...

Adorei o post! Ótimas ideias! :D