quinta-feira, 5 de setembro de 2013

Beaches North of Maceió

Praia da Sereia  I found it nice because the reefs were so close. Strangely not crowded. Lack of facilities. It is worth the stop, though.

 The mermaid.
Ipioca Beach - 24 km away from Maceió. On the way to this beach, stop at Casa do Nordeste. You will find interesting regional products.

 Again, flavoured cachaça. The ones above have coconut and cashew.
 Fresh baked cashew nuts are the main product.
 Do not ask for a discount!
 After that head to a Hibiscus, a piece of heaven on earth, really. It is inside a gated community called Angra de Ipioca. Just tell you are going to Hibiscus at the entrance. 
 To use all the facilities at Hibiscus you pay R$ 15,00.
 Need I say more?

 Enlarge the menu!
 We had grilled octopus.
During the winter, the beaches are not so clean in Maceió but in front of this place it was ok.

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