quarta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2015

Porto Seguro -My Favorite Beach Shack - Barraca de Praia Favorita

 Well, to go there from Porto Seguro, you can take the local bus to Santa Cruz Cabralia ( R$ 4,50) and ask the driver to let you out in front of Macuco. 
That is how the sign looks like from the road.
 Why is it my favorite?  First, the beach there is wonderful. 
The place has lots of shadows from trees. 
You can take a shower or take a nap on a hammock or ...
...use the beach umbrellas right on the beach.These yellowish plants are called "gravatá"
The food is great. In three days, I had the opportunity to taste lots of good things. The owner's name is Tati, look for her!
I would specially recommend the fried "guaiúba" with "farofa de banana"and a specially homemade pepper sauce with biri-biri.  
This is biri-biri, a kind of small cucumber that goes really well with the red chilli. 
 Local really fresh crab.
Bobó de camarão. Delicious!
Mango caipirinha with basil or pineapple caipirinha with mint leaves and other fruit choices.
If you cross the road, there is this huge handcraft shop where they have artworks and crafts from all over Brasil.
You can also walk along the beach to Coroa Vermelha, a even more beautiful beach. There you can walk very far into the ocean when the tide is low. 
There is a significant indian market there and the...
...original wooden cross marking the place where the first Mass was celebrated in Brazil. 
It was April 26th, year 1500 and the event was observed with curiosity and respect by the native indians.
The first mass in Brazil, one of Victor Meireles' main works, painted in 1860. Primeira Missa no Brasil, uma das principais obras de Victor Meireles, pintado em 1860.

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