sábado, 12 de junho de 2010

Great Home

My best friend has just moved into her new home. We met in the first day of school. Isn't that great? Now, take a look at her beautiful home. It looks just like her. She loves roses so she chose them to surround all the front yard.
She has been  planning all the details for years...

and also has been gathering chandeliers and doorknobs and all sort of cute stuff for her new home.

I knew it would be nice but I could not imagine it would be this gorgeous. I only took pictures of the rooms which were already "unpacked". There is much more to show you.
She has such a good taste and a good eye to find old pieces and than have them painted or restored.

She usually doesn't throw things away, everything has it's history, she says. So...this moving will still be on for some time. I can't say anything cause I am sort of  like that too.

Her mother used to have valuable antiques and I am glad she kept them.

Her husband, whom I know since we were little too, is also very excited about the house. He has now his own studio which I will show in a future post.

I loved these big tall windows.

How about that!!!
She brought all the white camellia trees from the old house and they are already blooming. In the back yard there is a soap stone fountain surrounded by lavender, mini oranges, many other fruits and flowers.  She planned the garden of her dreams and it will be wonderful for her to watch it grow.
Levei esta lixeira de rosinhas pra ela e dentro coloquei esta garrafa para água que eu pintei com passarinhos (que ela também adora). Fiz um embrulho com papel de seda e improvisei umas flores de papel crepon. Coloquei um passarinho por cima. Achei que ficou bonitinho.

E, por coincidencia recebi esta frase hoje que descreve muito bem esta minha amiga tão querida
"Há gente que, em vez de destruir, constrói; em lugar de invejar, presenteia; em vez de envenenar, embeleza; em lugar de dilacerar, reúne e agrega”. Lya Luft.
 So is my best friend

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