sábado, 28 de agosto de 2010

Next Months Resolutions - Learn some neat Origami

Easy easy

For beginners, I guess
Not so easy, about a month to learn it really well
Every little child in Japan knows how to make the Tsurus and know its touching history. Somehow, in the next months I will know too and will tell my granddaughter the story so that the world never forgets what happened with that Japanese girl. When my boy was little I could never finish some sad bedtime stories because he got soooo sad I had to change the end. The one with the ugly duck he cried out loud.
These are so cute and useful! Look so simple.
Oh gosh! This is not going to be easy....
These will take months but will be worth. Can you imagine? Candles everywhere?
When I learn how to make these gorgeous flowers I will be very happy  and I will create lots of things with them to give to people I love. Don`t count on it till Christmas, ok?

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