sábado, 27 de novembro de 2010

First Grandchild ! Isabella Arrived

This beautiful baby is my first granddaughter on her second life day. She has been through such a rough time yesterday. Twenty two hours of intense labour, both sides. Her nose got a bit crooked during the journey but time will take care of that.  Important thing is she is here.When I think I have seen and felt everything  there is, something else happens to surprise me. A grandchild is a completely different emotion.
 First of all, it awakens up immediately our female wolf soul. As soon as she put her little tired eyes on me I knew she was family and wanted to protect her. I had missed that feeling. This reminded me of this flower I heard of  recently, the parrot flower. 
Rare, beautiful, fragile, needs constant care and protection. An example of how gorgeous life can be. A face and expression like that screams to remind us that nothing else matters and that this is the real look of peace and hope.
Let's hope this little one and all children have a wonderful life! I am blessed for having had the opportunity to see a granddaughter be born and hope I am healthy long enough to see this little white flower bloom. I am so totally completely in love with her!
If I do not post very often in the next days you know I have a perfectly good reason not to, right?

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Letícia Vaz Leal disse...

God bless you...your wonderful granddaughter and your dreams...
warm hughs from cute island in Brasil.
Letícia Leal !!

Yanna Clementino disse...

Felicidades Virginia! Sua netinha é linda...