quarta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2011

Simple Crafty Ideias

That's just the kind of image I think looks like my blog. I simply love simple solutions. This image I saw at  Copy & Paste , a great blog that I follow. Anyway,  the original image is from  Living Inside.
Another real simple but creative idea I saw at Copy & Paste.

I have been doing a lot of stuff lately. One of them was this TV tray. I bought some cheap pictures of singers in the 1dolar store, took the frame away and used the hard rectangle for the tray. Then I did four small holes on the corners,covered it with fabric and used some wood sticks for the handles. The one I had  the ideia from had bamboo sticks but I could not find them in the right circumference.
I also did some new water bottles for my own use.We've had more Johny Walkers than usual this time of the year hehehe.
 I added some details at the guestroom,too. I asked for these wooden boxes at the week market. They are usually thrown away. They became useful shelves and photo display. Photos by Tiago Madureira.
 Good thing is I can update the pictures easily.
This is in another room.
I showed this ideia in a previous post about gift wrapping. I used one of the sheets under the table glass. The glass lamp is by my friend Silvia Stumpo
I used paper to do this. It is not ready yet. I think it needs a few more details. 

My angel wings are on the chair now. Two old tobacco tins are being used as side table.
I used two bandannas to change the covering of my old piano seat and also hanged some of the little gourds up in the curtain. They were supposed to become a mobile to my granddaughter but it did not work out.
Little things I like. The Worry People from Guatemala, old toys ,cute pins and some more  gourds. I know I exaggerate in the details but I just can't refrain myself. I love hammer and nails.
I also love these small chairs. This is another thing I can't resist.
At least it is a fun bedroom, isn't it? When Isabella comes she will have a lot to look at. Now I am looking for a cute small crib or children's bed.

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Que lindo suas criações.Deus te abençõe!!!