terça-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2011

Sao Paulo - Where To Go

Continuing that weekend I spent  in Sao Paulo. I`ve been  to this cute shop called Bombay. It is only two houses away from Coisas da Doris. This one is all about herbs and spices. A real Disneyland for cooks. 
 We bought some interesting ones, usually hard to find. They have such a wide range of flower salt too.
 This is specially different from everything I have seen, I mean, the way that it is wrapped. It is farinha d`agua do Para. You are supposed to make a small hole on the leave and let it drop over your dish. In my next visit I intend to buy erva de santa maria, cajun spice mix and creole spice mix.
This wall painting has everything to do with the  neighbourhood of  Teodoro Sampaio Street. The down side of the street has many furniture stores and the upper part is specialised in music shops, all kinds of them, really big ones and also a few tradicional luthiers.
I like this percussion shop a lot. There are so many amazing instruments with crazy sounds like lightnings, heavy storms and the sound of ocean waves.

 It is called Batucadas1000
 After that we went to the antique market (down Teodoro Sampaio Street ) at Praca Benedito Calixto
 It is a fun place to go on Saturdays. Besides antiques, there is also cultural projects and food stalls.

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