segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2011

Simple Ideas For A Beach Home

I have been having a lot o fun helping my boyfriend redecorate his beach house. It is beginning to look nice. The propeller on the wall is a real one from an ultralight he used to pilot.
I have painted this paddle and had doorknobs installed in them. A piece of drifted wood I found at the beach became a cute solution to display our pictures on both sides. I glued some shells and moss on it.
 Other details. I have used little fake money to do paper boats on the wreath. The bread basket was also done by myself.
 To do both bedside lamps you have to buy two bottles of wine and you gotta drink them. Then you have somebody make a hole in the back of each bottle. Pick up some very small shells at the beach, insert them in the bottle. Glue the light parts and wrap some rustic cord around it. 
I also did the mirror frame and ...
these jar candle holders I have shown here before.

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