segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2011

Organize Your Home!

Whenever I got sick, my mother bought me my favorites magazines to make me feel better. No wonder I am so fond of them. In Brazil they are not that cheap so I usually think a lot before throwing them away. 

Consequently I have many of them and it has been a problem storing them in a way that they are always handy and not dusty. Until now, when my children or friends go through some bad event or when they are worried and I  run out of positive ideas I invite them for an icecream and buy them a magazine.
Isn`t that cozy?
Another nice way to keep favorite things handy.In baskets close to your bed.
This is sooo useful! I have seen bigger ones,too. Even better. Have them hung in your front door so that there is no way you forget  things you have to do when you go out.
Such a clear and straight way to visualize your plans! 
Other very intelligent way to  store things.
Here, the drawers are carefully labelled with stencil. One for linen, the other for silverware and so on.
This is so charming! Wrap each bedlinen in a ribbon and add a tag. Note- Excuse me for my English. If I had to look for each correct word for each post I would give up. So, please, feel free to correct me whenever I  make important mistakes. Some people don`t like that but I prefer to be corrected, I mean, I would appreciate that because I would learn more, ok?
It is Carnival time in Brazil!!! It is a real show! It is such an amazing experience. Every person in this world should see it once in their lives.

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