domingo, 26 de junho de 2011

Fruit & Veggie Buffet

Check out this beautiful buffet by Amy Atlas ! Note the brussels sprouts garland surrounding the dishes.
 All the colours, tastes and different presentations! Note the fruit skewer.

 Watermelon squares, fruit caken and caprese salad.
 Instead of flowers, vegetables.
 Another nice way to display salad buffet ( by Martha Stewart)
 I usually cook the eggs hard and mash them with olive oil, salt and some seasoning and put them back in the eggwhite. everybody likes that.
 Good idea to serve fruit dessert in informal parties! The cucumber appetizer is sure light.
 In another blog I saw this nice strawberry centerpiece accompained by its delicious options.
Since we are talking about veggies I thought I might as well show you this centerpiece. On its side, the not so light salad in a crispy bacon basket. Gosh! I am hyungry now.

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