sexta-feira, 10 de junho de 2011

Men That Cook

It is said that we, women, have the power of seducing men by feeding them. Well, in my case the opposite has happened. I had been so tired of cooking for myself and others and suddenly met a man (who later became my boyfriend) that enjoys cooking! This was new to me.The first dish he cooked for me was this shrimp bellow with black berries from my garden.
This week  we celebrate boyfriends and relationships in general so  I would like to show off one of his best qualities. His pasta is great and this one with dried tomatoes, rocket, fresh muzzarella and grated cheese is simply wonderful.
Check out other specialties!

Eggplant lasagne in romantic mood.
My role is only to set the table.
Eisbein mit Sauerkraut und kartoffeln. I don't know the name in English. The meat is the knie of the pork with sauer cabbage.
Paella at the beach house!!
Bobo de camarão. This is tipical of Brazil. Shrimps with manioc and dende oil (yellowish oil from a Brazilian  palm that has a particular taste). Pretty hard to explain.
Lobster. See why I gained a few pounds?
Vinaigrette squids and shrimps at the beach house.
Still at the beach, not so fancy but still delicious, "Carreteiro Rice", another tipical dish. The wine was special, brought from the South with no preserving stuff, so it had to be consumed as soon as possible hehehe.
 Finally, the author of all these great recipies dressed accordingly! I have been blessed, not only because of his cooking but also because of his good mood and character. I love you, boyfriend!

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Banda G TOM disse...

Oh meu amor, me sinto honrado em poder fazer comidinhas para minha amada loirinha. Você, dona de uma inspiração ímpar para tudo que possa expressar arte me deixa encabulado me atribuindo tantos predicados, os quais você é quem os tem. Te amo. Beijo.