sexta-feira, 8 de julho de 2011

Rubber Ducks - Patinhos De Borracha

I wish I had seen this window while in London. I've always been fascinated by those rubber duckies.
 They make me think of magical childhood moments and mainly I think they embody innocence, naivity.

n 2003, Charlotte Lee set the Guinness World Record for owning the largest rubber duck collection. That year, she clocked in with 1,439 rubber ducks, but since then, her collection has grown to over 2,100 pieces. It’s safe to say that for her, bath time will always be lots of fun. Photo, ducktopian  -  Fonte- womans day
  I have started buying some of them and never noticed I had so many. The best place for them was, of course, the bathroom. As you see bellow I am not the only one who enjoys them. I don't have the curtain, though.
 Anyway, this is my bathroom and a friend of mine counted them. 44 pieces. It is time to quit now. I will wait for my granddaughter to enjoy them and will refurbish the bathroom. 
 Afterall, a young lady of 56 deserves now a big girls's bathroom. It's time to say goodbye and face reality, don't you think?
Or maybe I should set them free to swim in the pool and pretend they are not mine...

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