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The first time I saw this huge black mountain with the little white houses on the top of it I was speechless. This volcanic island has a circular shape and was colonized by the Minoans in 3000 BC. A massive eruption blew its center and for centuries the volcano was active, building up to 1450BC explosion. The eruption left a huge crater in the middle (today's caldera). A huge volume of lava was ejected burning and baring Akrotiri. A rush of water into the void created a tsunami which devasted Minoan Crete. The islands of Palea and Nea Kameni emerged after more recent volcanic activities in 197 BC and 1707 AC. They are still volcanically active.
 We got there by ship. By the way, the ship cannot drop the anchor because the sea is too deep. I guess that is why it has this amazing deep blue color. We then arrived by boat at the very crowded port.
 There are two ways you can go up to the town, Fira. By cable car, which is a little bit scary at first but it is so quick that you don't have time to get scared and the view is worth it. The other option is to take a donkey ride up a very crooked road.This lasts half an hour
 Here the donkeys coming back from a hard day's work. They smell really bad.
 I would advise you to rent a motocicle or a car to enjoy the whole island if you only have a day to spend there. We rented a car and so we could ride to the other corner of the island named Oia. The view bellow is from the opposite side of the |island.
 Here is Oia, it is the nicest part. Imagine a place where you look around and every little thing is just beautiful and white.
 How about this view?
 And then, just take your time to walk around the cute houses and hotels built right on the cliffs.
 Some places dont even have a roof. I guess it doesn't rain there very often.
 Look at this pool!!!

 We visited this hotel. It is perfect and also has a pool and rooms with view to the ocean.
 It is the Canaves Oia Hotel. Take a look at their Site here to check on their pretty rooms.
You can also reach Santorini by plane.

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