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Monte Verde - MG- Brazil

 The landscape view on the way to Monte Verde is pretty  but  the pavement of the road is not quite good in some parts, a fact that makes it specially dangerous for unaware bikers.
 It can get really cold during winter and there are many nice Inns in the area surrounding it.
 I have no intention to be a tourist guide. I'll just show you here a few things I saw while spending an afternoon there.
 It is said that Monte Verde looks like Campos do Jordão many years ago, that is, it is still not totally developed, there are not many people and it doesn't have the sofistication of Campos do Jordão. For some people this might be a positive profile.
Honestly, I have not made up my mind. Anyway, Ioved the variety of slippers and warm pijamas available.
 "Cachaças" from Minas Gerais are very famous and there is no way you come back without a bottle of it. There is a great variety of flavours and you can taste them all. By the way, cachaças are also called "pinga", "cana" ou "caninha". It is Brazil's most famous distilled beverage. The cheese and homemade sweets from Minas Gerais are also very well known.
 This is my favorite shop there, Eglaine Antiques. If you walk down the main street ( Av. Monte Verde), it is at 1035, on your left, inside Galeria Das Flores. If I had not been gone on a motorcycle I would have bought a few articles. 
 The Fritzs Brewery ( Chopp Do Fritz) was the best part of it. Besides the  amazing beer, the food was great, too.
 Simply loved these posters. Check carefully the one on the left.
 The Fritz's Brewery was founded in 1993. It started as a hobby. The master brewer Jörg Schwabe started producing beer at home for his own consumption,but then friends wanted more and more of it.
You will have the opportunity to see the kettles and the steel fermentation vessels.

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