sexta-feira, 16 de novembro de 2012

Manaus - Mercado Municipal

 The Mercado is located by the port and it is also being remodeled. It is as dirty and crowded as almost all markets. I would never miss this one.The beautiful iron construction dates from 1883.
 Banana chips are made from this huge bananas ( pacova) and it is sold on the streets. They taste exactly like potato chips.
 The pirarucu is found only in the Amazon Basin.It lives in the calm waters of the river bank pools. It is one of the biggest scaly freshwater fish of the world, reaching up to 3 meter long (118.11 inches) and 250 kilograms (113.5 pounds). The pirarucu eats certain species of catfish and insects. It is known to leap out of the water and grab small birds from the overhanging trees.
 They are living fossils belonging to the Osteoglossidae (bony tongue) family of fishes. 
 The "tongue" is about five inches long and bony. Its rough surface is used by natives as a rasp to smooth wood. Its scales are used as nail files and in the making of typical ornaments.

 The cheapest place to buy handcrafts is the Mercado Municipal.

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