segunda-feira, 2 de setembro de 2013

Barra de São Miguel, Alagoas - Praero

 We had a great time at this beach bar. We went there twice. It is 20 km away from Maceió. If you copy this code to Google maps -9.839656,-35.890296 it will lead you there. It is easy to find. There is parking place right in front of it and also there are guys to watch them
 One thing I loved most is that it was not crowded. I liked the rustic decor too.
 Here you can see the seats made of used tires and the table, recycled.
 The beach is right there, just a few steps.
Barra de São Miguel
 The little boats on the left side take people to the natural pools for R$25,00 per person, one hour tour. Check their working time which depends on the tides.
 The big construction is the restaurant.
 Some hammocks are available too.
 Decor over the bar.
 Sutil boys and girls bathroom door signs. Got it?
 Have you ever seen sinks like that?
 Enlarge the image to check the menu prices.
 We had shrimps with mango chutney. Very good.
 And Lobster for two for R$70,00
Oysters for R$ 15,00. The guy (Neguinho)who catches them charges R$ 10,00 per person if you prefer to go to Palateia, a poor community where they are grown. People go on a small boat and it is "all you can eat". I sincerely do not advice that for many reasons. Just eat them at the Praero!
It is a place you can spend a whole day watching the waves hit the reefs. There is also good music there.

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