terça-feira, 3 de setembro de 2013

Maceió - Pajuçara Beach - Beach Shack Lopana

This "barraca", kind of beach shack, is one of many along the shore of Pajuçara Beach. In my opinion, the best. It is right on the beach, it is lively, people pass by with children, with dogs, exercising at night. Two things make it special: good live music ( there was a very good jazz band playing when we were there) and the food.
 I asked for "caldinho the sururu". Sururu is a small shellfish that live in the surrounding mangrove areas of Maceió. It was very tasty.
 The shrimps were especially delicious. The dough had cheese in it. 
A small smoking area on the sidewalk.
This is where you are, Pajuçara.
 Also here, when the tide is low( check in the hotel), you can swim in the pools 2,5 km from the beach.
 The famous "jangadas" will take you there.
 There is also a Mercado de Artesanato. As in many other places in this town, watch out for your purse!
 This Mercado used to be better. If you want to buy the typical handmade lace from Alagoas (filé) go to the Bairro das Rendeiras, on the way to Praia do Gunga e Barra de São Miguel.

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