terça-feira, 3 de setembro de 2013

Maceió , Restaurante Bodega Do Sertão

 If you ever go to Maceió and want to taste all the regional food, try  Bodega do Sertao. I really mean all of it.
 At the entrance there is a cute little shop where they sell typical products, mainly "cachaça" and homemade sweets.
 Loved this ceramic guy!
 The restaurant is quite large and there is a part of it which has air condicioning, inside the huge coffepot.
 Note the chandelier.
 Such a cute mirror! Rag dolls.

 Now, about the food. Although I am Brazilian, I must confess that I had never tried the half of it. This part of Brazil is economically poor and people have developed their special cuisine. Mostly, they eat goats and serve manioc in many different ways.

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Cristiane BTO disse...

Jantar e Momento maravilhoso na companhia de vocês!! Que bom te encontrar por aqui.

Cristiane Brito
de Paris