domingo, 8 de setembro de 2013

Maceió - Restaurants

 Carne de Sol do Picuí is certainly one of the best restaurants in Maceió. The Chef is Wanderson Medeiros has been doing an excelent job, always inovation and true to his origins. 
 The restaurant is cozy and serves elaborate regional food. 

 They take part in the Boa Lembrança, which is when you order a certain dish and can keep the plate itself, always handpainted.

 Another nice thing is they pick you up at the hotel, all you have to do is call them. They have a nice event area upstairs and there are a few selected regional products for sale.
 Another very good option is Massagueirinha, in Ponta Verde.
  • Avenida Deputado José Lages, 1105
 It is a lot simpler, with tables on the sidewalk but one of the best foods I have ever had.
 It is not a tourist place and has no charming decor. Just go for the food.Don't leave Maceió without tasting their marvellous Casquinha de Siri (above).
There are lots of good restaurants in Maceio but I can only talk about the ones I've been to, like Bodega do SertaoLopana. I wish I had more time there!

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