terça-feira, 3 de setembro de 2013

Praia de Maragogi - Alagoas

Maragogi is located on the Coral Coast – Costa dos Corais – 130 kilometers of continuous living tropical reefs on the coast of Northeast Brazil. 
 Its major attraction is the "Galés", a group of tropical pools formed at low tide about 6 kilometers from the city's beach. 
 They are served by large registered catamarans leaving from various points in the municipal area. 
 I actually saw those blue fishes.
 We got there with the company above, recommended in the hotel. We were in Maceió and didn't want to drive that far. It takes about two hours by bus. They charged R$ 90,00 per person. it included the bus ride, the trip to the coral reefs (Galés) and breakfast. We had to wake up very early. Everything depends on the tides. 
While we were there, the tide was not low enough but it was the only possible day. 
We had pictures taken in the water by a nice guy, Alisson. He charged R$ 50,00 for the CD with lots of pictures. After snorkeling we had lunch at the humble restaurant (same owner) by the beach and the food was good.

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