segunda-feira, 26 de setembro de 2011

At Home - Bei Mir Zu Haus

This is how my backyard looked like a few months ago. I really needed a garage to paint and to try to organize and store my craft stuff. I mainly needed a place with natural light.
 Anyway, that is how it looks now. I got so used to parking the car outside that it still stays there. Important thing is I have a nice surface for my grandchild to crawl and for the family to gather.
 As I am still finding myself in there, I keep changing it but I am beginning to use it regularly. I placed all my favorite stringlights around the ceiling and it looks magical at night. 
 The yo yo cushions I brought from Tiradentes.
The three mosaic lanterns I brought from Turkey and they look great when litten.
Now I am all excited about taking care of my plants again. It is Spring and I confess I abandoned them for a while.
This chair is not a big deal but everybody likes to sit on it. I've crocheted the blanket myself.
My marionette collection is now where I can see them. The "Crowded Madhouse" sign I did with some mosaic samples  I gained from a friend.
I've crocheted the banner and did the big paper mache cup for my brushes.
The plants don't look good in this picture. Now I have done a better arrangement. The inicial project for this wall is much nicer but this will have to wait a while. I did the candle holders with wire and jars.I had to glue the candles with hotglue. Notice the hanging plants, they are a parasite and when I bought it, it was very small and shirt. They can grow 6 meters long. It is called here " old man's beard"
Patricia is the name of my sister that passed away last year.
As the laundry is close to the garage I had to do something about it too. I had it painted in a lighter colour than the wall outside...
and I did these things to make it more inviting for work. The laundry sign I did with clothespins ( I painted them white) and glued them on paper. I already had the frame. The little dresses I did with paper
Finally, I've made this wreath for my frontdoor to celebrate the arrival of Spring in Brazil.

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