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Manaus - What To See And Do - Part II

 We took a cab to go to Praia Ponta Negra. It is completely different from downtown Manaus, I mean, there are  lots of nice modern buildings and new sidewalks.The beach is still being remodeled as everything else in town. It is far and we payed a total of R$ 100,00 back and forth and I think it was not worth going there.
 At night we went to one of the famous restaurants, the Banzeiro. They are specialized in Amazon food. Their Chef is Felipe Schaedler.He has received many awards. The dish for two is huge.
 As I mentioned before, Manaus is all about the river so the floating port plays a very important role. There are only a few roads so people use the boats to go from one place to another. Sometimes it takes days.
 We went in the low tide which is not pretty. This yeart they had the highest flood. Check the year in the board. Sorry about my English.
 These are the boats that work like buses for the people. If you enlarge the picture you will see lots of hammocks hanging inside them. People are supposed to take their own hammock for the journey.
 We took a one day cruise with Amazon Explorers. It costed us R$ 140,00 per person including pick up at the hotel.
 You can see the meeting of the waters of both rivers that form the Amazon River. The water of Rio Solimoes is muddy, flows fast and is cooler. The waters of Rio Negro is really dark and incredibly warm. Because of the difference in density, temperature and speed both rivers flow separate, side by side for about five or six kilometers.
 Then the boat stops and we can go for a walk in the rain forest. In the same place there is a floating restaurant where you can taste the local fish(tucunaré, tambaqui, pirarucu) among other things. Lunch is included and it is good.
 The guide, Aliomar, speaks English and explained about the trees and other curiosities.
 There is a floating handcraft market right by the restaurant.
 On the next day we hired a smaller boat to go see the "botos". In the middle of Rio Negro there is this floating thing with a young guy who is responsible for the botos. It has been built to help children with Down Syndrome that live in the area. In the meantime, tourists are allowed to go there and swimm with them. They charge R$ 20,00 pp.  There is no danger at all. You are not allowed to feed them but you can touch them. The guy who took us to Acajatuba is known as Cuandu. He has his own boat and charged us R$ 150,00 for the trip. Phone: 92- 9226-4158.
 The botos live free there and the place is near the hotel Ariau Towers. It takes an hour to go there by boat. I think this was the best part of the trip.

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