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Manaus - a few more tips

 Praça Heliodoro Balbi is also called by the locals as Police's Place. In this building bellow, restored in 2008, is now the Palacete Provincial which holds five museums inside. I didn't have time to visit it but I am sure it is worth the visit. 

 A Praça Heliodoro Balbi foi batizada pelos manauaras também como Praça da Policia  por causa das apresentações da banda da Policia no local. Em 2004 a praça também abrigava o prédio do Comando Geral da Policia Militar do Estado, onde outrora existia o Palacete Provincial. Em 2008 o prédio foi restaurado  para ser um dos mais novos espaços culturais da cidade, recebendo novamente o nome de Palacete Provincial que abriga cinco museus em seu interior.
 Close to Praça Heliodoro Balbi there is a real place to try guaraná, the Casa Do Guarana Saterê. Inside this small door, this family business has been doing all kinds of drinks with it and açaí since 1987.Guaraná, açaí and soy come “in natura” from small producers of the Amazon region. They are brought to the company where they are classified, cleaned and  processed under  supervision of  Food Engineers. 

 Grab a vitamin like the one above (they have a real big menu displayed on the wall) and go to the praça to enjoy it under the shades of the trees. The locals have learned to use guaraná with the ancient tribe Mawés which used it as energy source that helped them face exausting hunting times, wars and hunger. 
Go have a beer at the rotating restaurant on the top of Taj Mahal Hotel (Av. Getúlio Vargas, Nº 741). It is certainly the best view from Manaus. You can also see the  Manaus-Iranduba bridge ( 3,6 km long). Read more about the bridge here
 On my second visit to Manaus I only had one day.This time I went to Restaurante Choupana. Here are the dishes I ordered and enjoyed with the names to help you with Portuguese.
It was nice from the waiter to bring this huge fish to the table when I mentioned I was going to take a picture of the dish.
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